The Best Way to Cover Grey Hair

The healthiest and most economical way to cover your gray hair with the longest lasting grey coverage is with an at home color that does not contain PPD, peroxide or other harmful chemicals.

One of the most important things to understand is that gray hair tends to be drier than the rest of your hair, which makes it harder to get full, long lasting coverage.

Prepare Your Grey for Hair Color

To make grey hair more receptive to color, restore moisture with a hydrating hair mask a day or two before coloring your hair. Try Surya Brasil Henna Powder in Neutral and/or Color Fixation Restorative Hair Mask.

The day you decide to color your hair be certain to shampoo your hair thoroughly before using Surya Brasil Henna Creams and Powders for 100% grey coverage.

Important Hair Color Application Tips

Apply the hair color to the most resistant gray areas first. This way, they’ll have more time to absorb the color and get better coverage. Grey hair has a stubborn cuticle and takes the maximum amount of processing time to completely open the cuticle and deposit color.

The hairline is one of the first places to lose natural color, leaving it with a particularly high concentration of non-pigmented strands. Leave your color on this section the longest. Begin the application of color on the hairline and reapply before washing out. Surya Brasil Henna Creams and Powders are so gentle, you can leave them on your hair for up to two hours, but most customers get grey coverage about about 60 to 90 minutes.

Smaller Sections for Best Grey Coverage

The size of your coloring sections is really important. Each section that you color should be so thin that you can see through them. This gives the color a chance to penetrate the hair shaft. Most people make the mistake of not sectioning enough, rushing through the coloring process. Don’t make this mistake!

Try taking sections one-eighth to one-quarter inch deep. But just because sections are small doesn't mean you can skimp on your product. Make sure you have enough on the roots.

Grey Coverage Professional Tip!

You might try using two different shades of Surya Brasil Henna Cream or powder one that matches your natural color and one that’s a shade darker.

Apply the darker one from your roots down an inch or two, and continue with the lighter shade to your ends. Since grays are the most translucent (read: hardest to color) at the roots, you need a darker shade to cover them sufficiently.

Didn’t finish the one bottle for your roots? Don’t worry about “wasting” color. You can always cover the henna cream and store it in a cool dry place for future use.

Condition Daily and Deep Condition Weekly.

Following your application, use a leave-in conditioner regularly. This will restore moisture throughout the day, which maintains healthy hair and prevents color from fading. Every time you wash your hair, follow with a rich, moisturizing conditioner. Water swells the cuticle of the hair, which allows pigment to fade, but a rich conditioner can help preserve the color.

Try Color Fixation Leave in Conditioner  and/or Surya Brasil’s Amazonia Preciosa Buriti Hair Mask 


Additional Grey Hair Coverage Advice from the Experts

  • Use luke warm water for your hair in the shower, never use hot water!
  • Only use shampoos that are free from sodium laurel sulfates (SLS) Try Surya Brasil's Sapien Women Shampoo 

SLS is a detergent which essentially means that it breaks surface tension and separates molecules this in turn creates a lather which makes products such as shampoo and toothpaste seem like they are more effective cleaners. So effective and so inexpensive is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate that it’s found in a number of industrial cleaning agents such as engine degreaser and industrial strength detergents. This will strip the color right off of the grey you are trying to cover.




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Is it that important to not overlap color with Surya Brasil, or with conventional dyes? I thought Surya actually conditions hair. I have long hair, and I wanted to pull the stain through to give a touch up to older color.


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