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Why Henna Should Be Your Choice!

We all want a healthy, beautiful head of hair, however that is proving to be a harder task to accomplish lately with PPD allergies on the rise, chemical colors and products are being put on the back burner. Not only do these chemical products cause allergic reactions but they can also be damaging to the hair and to our health. 
What if I told you there was a way to color and care for your hair without damaging it? This is not "FAKE NEWS" we assure you! We are simply talking about the benefits of HENNA! Henna is the best and safest way to color your hair. The benefits don't stop there though. Keep reading to see how else it can help! 
Helps to prevent dandruff and itchy scalp
Strengthens & nourishes hair to a silky shiny finish
Makes hair thicker
Great conditioner
Helps to maintain pH balance & keeps scalp clean
Helps hair to grow  faster 

If these all sound like results you would like to have, then Henna could be for you! Even if you have been using chemical colors or have straightened hair, our products are safe and compatible with any chemical processes because we do not add heavy metals or peroxide to our formulas.

We know you may be thinking "Isn't henna red? I don't want red hair." No need to worry, we have the solution for you! Try our Surya Brasil Henna Cream and Henna Powder. We have 15 different shades that could work for you.

Start treating your hair right today! 

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