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Surya Solidarity, Surya Brasil’s Social Division

Surya Brasil is redefining what it means to be a successful business. Surya Solidarity the brand’s social division focuses on animal protection, environmental preservation, educational transformation & human rights. It is no longer okay to reap profits and not give back more than we take from society and the planet.


Whole Planet Foundation

Surya Brasil, is a proud sponsor of the Whole Planet Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides funds to microfinance institutions (MFI), working to alleviate poverty around the globe. 5% of all our sales at Whole Foods Market goes straight to this amazing organization. Learn more about their initiatives here.    

The image above was taken in Guatemala, where communities have the benefit of getting loans from The Friendship Bridge. "For the past year, we have been thrilled to support this initiative and were ecstatic to be invited to join them on this mission to witness first-hand the impact that even a small gesture can have over a whole community," says Clelia Angelon, founder and CEO of Surya Brasil. "The beauty of this program is that as people repay the microloans, they may also be able to receive many other benefits such as healthcare, education, and training offered by the microfinance institutions. This holistic approach ensures that these women can start or expand their small businesses to find their own sustainable solutions to poverty."  


Building Talents

Surya Solidarity began sponsoring Construindo Talentos, (Building Talents) in 2009. The independent project, funded in entirety by the brand and initiated by co-founder, Wanda Malhotra, teaches arts, crafts, gardening, and vegan baking to children and adolescents ages 11-17 who live in foster care at Marly Cury. "We are teaching the children how to work in groups, with respect and unity. We want to help them realize their potential so that they can become professionals in the future and support themselves honestly and with dignity while becoming responsible adults,” explains Wanda Malhotra.

Wanda Malhotra, who believes that one of the most serious problems in Brazil, especially in big cities such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, is the violence experienced through crime and murder. She believes that the solution is to treat the root of the problem, that is, what causes the violence in our community, rather than just trying to control it.

Recently Clelia, who plays the drums and keyboard began visiting the Marly Cury foster home in São Paulo on Saturdays. She took these visits to a whole new level when she asked her employees and friends to come with her to start a music band with the children. They now practice at a recording studio every week and are beginning to make beautiful music together.

Cruelty Free 

In 2014 Surya Brasil’s production facility in Sao Paulo recently passed the ISO 22716:2007 Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices while also celebrating the 2014 bill to prohibit cosmetics testing on animals in the State of Sao Paulo. Surya Brasil has always been a cruelty-free brand, never testing on animals or using animal-ingredients in their products.


In 2014, Surya Solidarity supports and collaborates with the environmental and animal rights NGO, AVAMA with kitten and puppy adoption day at Espaço Surya, Brazil’s first organic and vegan day spa opens.

Surya Brasil at The Gentle Barn

In June 2014 Surya Brasil was a Gentle52 Spotlight Sponsor at The Gentle Barn Sunday Visitor’s Day. Made with passion and compassion, our vegan products were on display for Gentle Barn guests to sample. The Gentle Barn works with children from the inner-city, group homes, mental health care facilities, foster homes, and schools to teach them that even though we are all different on the outside, on the inside we are all the same and are deserving of the same rights, respects and freedom.

Zero Waste

The Zero Waste project aims to reduce waste, losses and damages within the production chain Surya Brazil.

We want to raise awareness and sensitize employees, customers and partners the importance in changing attitudes and habits of consumption, minimize waste generation, combat waste in all areas, to encourage the reuse of materials where possible and, lastly, the intended way correct for recycling.

The survival of the planet depends on simple actions that can be easily incorporated into the daily lives of individuals and businesses, and that will be really different if adopted by a large number of people.


One of the projects that Surya Solidarity has been supporting in Brazil is Cinesolar a traveling outdoor cinema that uses solar energy (which is clean and renewable ) to bring culture to distant regions of Brazil. http://www.cinesolar.com.br/

Animal Rights National Conference 

The Surya Solidarity Institute, our Brazilian non-profit organization, participated and supported the 2017 Animal Rights National Conference, the largest animal rights convention devoted to advancing the vision of animal rights, taking place in Alexandria, VA, August 2017.  

“Animal rights is a strong focus for the Surya Solidarity Institute. We were so pleased to be able to support the show,” says Clelia Angelon, president of Surya Solidarity Institute and founder of Surya Brasil, the Institute's official sponsor. “We strongly believe it is no longer okay to reap profits and not give back more than we take from society and the planet.”

In attendance from the Institute were Vice-President Marcio Moreira and President Clelia Angelon. The conference festivities included live watercolor painting by Nana Indigo, famed Brazilian vegan ARTivist, free manicures, as well as the opportunity to explore and purchase Surya Brasil vegan, organic, and natural beauty and wellness products. All proceedings were reverted to Surya Solidarity Institute.