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Here at Surya Brasil we strive to give our customers not only the best product but the best customer service available. It is for that reason that we decided to answer some questions that are asked often. 
Can your Henna Colors cover my gray hair? 
The simple answer is YES! Our Henna colors will cover your gray hair, however we want you to be aware that grays can be very resistant. After shampooing you would want to leave your Henna Color of choice on for at least 90 minutes before rinsing out.  You can go over this time as well, leaving it up to 2 hours. Leaving the color on longer will enhance your color and intensify the conditioning treatment. Please be aware you want to start timing from when you finish applying the product not when you start. Also we know that there are people who have very resistant and impervious grays and do not get coverage using even our Darkest Henna Cream. Don't worry we do have a solution for you as well. It would require a two step process but will be well worth it for your hair. You would need to use our Henna Powder first, preferably in the Brown or Ash Brown color, leaving it on from 20 to 40 minutes, then rinsing it out. This process restructures the hair and prepares its surface to receive the darker color from the cream. Then you would apply your Henna Cream in one of the Darker shades (Chocolate, Dark Brown, Black). The Henna Powder does typically cover gray easier but tends to give off a lot of red tone. The Henna Cream can then cover the "gray" as it now has pigment from the Henna Powder. Please take a look at our "How to Henna Your Hair" video below to see first hand how well our Henna Colors work.  For the best results use Surya Brasil's Clean Up Hair pre-treatment shampoo, which gets the hair very clean, free from oils and residues, and opens up the cuticles to the correct pH to receive color, and the Color Fixation Conditioner to lock in the color.  
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Can I use the Henna Cream on hair that was chemically colored/treated previously?
You absolutely can! Our henna creams do not contain any heavy metals or metallic salts so it will not cause any damage to previously chemically colored/treated hair. It actually helps the hair to become stronger and healthier by coating each strand of hair with the color. Choosing our Henna colors is a win/win. You will get a beautiful color that restores strength and shine to the hair strands . Your hair will be left feeling softer, fuller, and shinier after your first use! 
What is the difference between the Chocolate and Dark Brown Henna Creams?
The Chocolate has a lot more red tone to it than the Dark Brown does. It is similar to a dark cinnamon color where as the Dark Brown has more Brown than red pigments. Please keep in mind that the color result can vary depending on your base color, how resistant the strands are, and the texture of your hair. 
No matter which of our Henna Colors you choose you are going to love the result and how great it makes your hair feel! 


I had problems, to begin with, using black or dark brown and finding my hair purple or burgundy. My hairdresser suggested I mix copper with it. I use 3 parts black or dark brown and 1 part copper and now my hair comes out a lovely color! Thank you Surya!

What us the darkest shade of brown? My hair is very dark brown and looks black but black hair color is usually too dark. Is Dark brown, Mahogany or chocolate the darkest brown shade?

I have to tell you I am the happiest woman after using your henna cream! I have suffered for many years using a henna powder, coffee and apple cider vinegar mixture and never received a complete coverage or an easy way to rinse it out of my hair! A big mess! We used your black henna cream and achieved such a beautiful result! My hair smells good feels luxurious and looks amazing! I can’t thank you enough for making a product like this. I am highly allergic to regular hair dye and at times felt like throwing in the towel. Now I am a very happy 49 year old woman with amazing hair color! Thank you!

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