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Look who's playing peek-a-boo and who's right around the corner! It's our favorite friends SPRING and SUMMER. There is no better way to welcome them other than having a freshly done mani and pedi! There's just something very special and rewarding about life when your nails and/or toes are done! But, guess what?! Your mani and pedi life is about to get ten times better. Everyone is beginning to take their health and the health of our planet very serious. And amongst so many other changes that we are all making, let's include our nail polish and even our polish remover. At Surya Brasil we are clearly very much concerned about all your everyday beauty needs and this one is no different! Our nail care products are all 7-free, cruelty-free and vegan

We are leading on the market for one of the top companies when it comes to natural, organic certified and vegan cosmetics. We are so excited to launch our nail care line called Exotic Animals! The polish comes in 20 colors. We have everything from dark colors to your fun metallics. There are options for everyone. We didn't forget about the other essential parts of nail care. For example, we also have available a base coat, an extra-shine top coat, an oil sealer and an organic nail polish remover. 

We're so excited to tell you about the nail polish remover! There's nothing rarer on the market than a vegan nail polish remover. We know, you're in shock too. Well, it's possible because we did it! Our polish remover is not only organic but it is also acetone free! Yes, you've read correctly. There is a polish remover without acetone. We developed it with nature-friendly solvents, vegetable glycerin, argan, buriti and pataua organic oils. Acetone often leaves the nails and the nail beds super dry with white spots to follow. Ours actually nourishes the nail so that you can have a moisturized fresh start! See we've covered all your bases! Our remover works slightly different from your typical remover. Refer to the video below for instructions, followed by a simple How-to! 

Nail polish Remover Exotic Animals

Do you already know the Exotic Animals Nail Polish Remover? An Organic, Natural and Vegan product, without acetone with Organic Oils, Ecocert Certification, Intensive Nutrition of the Nails and easy Application.



  • Step 1: saturate cotton with remover and wrap around each nail.
  • Step 2: Leave on each nail for 2 mins. 
  • Step 3: Rub in vertical motions until polish is off

    As we all take this beautiful step forward to live better, we hope we're making the journey much easier! We hope you enjoy our polishes as much as we enjoyed presenting them to you. You get the exact same pigment as any other polish and they last just as long as your average mani and pedi! To make things even better, we've added a phenomenal promotion! You can now purchase two available nail polish colors, the oil dryer and the nail polish remover all for $39. That's a $59 gift set for only $39!

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