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We here at Suyra Brasil had so much fun sharing our Vegan Vacation locations with you a couple weeks ago that we thought we would continue this week by sharing some cool Vegan Restaurants with you. Here they are!
Let's start off on the west coast at Au Lac. Au Lac's Fountain Valley location was opened in 1997 by Mai Nguyean. She wanted to open a restaurant because she has a strong desire to promote healthy eating in her community. She was driven by her passion for good food and good health as those two things are directly related to one another. In 2001 Chef Ito joined Mai's vision and helped to expand the menus from tradition Vietnamese to new Thai vegan and raw creations using entirely plant based ingredients. In 2015 Mai's daughter brought the same values and cuisine to Au Lac's second location in Los Angeles. It is a glamorous vegan dining experience that won't break the bank! 
Now our next Restaurant can be found in multiple locations throughout the country. The restaurant we are referring to is True Food Kitchen. True Food Kitchen currently has 12 locations already open with 7 more coming soon. Anyone can dine here as long as they have a desire to give their body nutrients and enjoy a delicious meal to remember. They have a wide selection of vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free options as well as non-vegan items alike. It's the perfect place to get everyone together, no matter what their palate prefers. At True Food Kitchen, they want you to feel better, live longer, and make your mouth happy in the process.
Finally we present to you the Green Garden Food Truck. It can be found in Honolulu University of Hawaii at Sustainability Courtyard. Their food concept is to offer plant-based, all vegan, organic, natural, and healthy meals with no additives. They strive to preserve the original clean and pure flavors of food. Their belief is that plant based food is good for the environment, your heart, and your health. That is one of Surya Brasil's core beliefs and something we can support wholeheartedly. While this is not a traditional restaurant it is a great place to get good vegan food. 
We have included all the links to these restaurants website so you can learn more about them as well as make a reservation. Its a great way to enjoy a day/night out and try new foods. Also Surya Brasil will be providing gift bags at the Au Lac Fountain Valley location, and the True Food Kitchen Santa Monica location from September 4th to the 10th or until they run out so you may want to get there quickly. Happy Eating! 


Elynor Walcott
Elynor Walcott 31 Jul 07:22

Hello Surya Brasil!!! Emailing to let you know that I appreciate your product very much and have introduced it to my friends. Just want to thank you for making such a great product!!!

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