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When it comes to taking care of your beauty needs in the best way possible Surya Brasil never fails to show up and show out! Here's another collection of products that are surpassing your expectations. Not only are these products getting the job done but, its healing and treating the hair and skin as well. As you know everything we create is organic, natural and 100% vegan. 

Sapien Women products can be used both together and separate. We have an amazing shampoo that pairs with a great conditioner. While having a leave in conditioner to complete the equation. For the skin we have a fantastic shower gel that goes extremely well with the best body moisturizer you will ever come across. Our products are developed from natural ingredients, offering the benefits of different fruits and exotic extracts. Some of the ingredients are beauty secrets and gems. But, we'll do the honors of filling you in and breaking everything down for you to better understand how phenomenal these products really are. 

Our products contain a couple of unorthodox ingredients that we have collected in the Amazon rainforest. Most of our products contain a rare oil called Pracaxi oil. This oil is magic to the hair and skin. For the skin it hydrates, replenishes, heals and it even protects from environmental damage. For the hair it detangles, replenishes, rebuilds and hydrated. Another not so common ingredient you will notice popping up in contents section is Buriti. This is the best keep secret for hair that is struggling a bit. This ingredient is light and extremely moisturizing. It's used to restore and replenish dry, brittle and damaged hair. Then there's the Amarantha protein. For the skin Amarantha is a natural moisturizer and it slows down aging and wrinkle formation, while being non irritating and an anit-cancer substance. While these are not all of our rare ingredients they are a couple unfamiliar things to find in hair and skin care. 

As we continue to climb the ladder of meeting your beauty needs, we also desire to keep you well informed and educated. Sampien women's products are filled with so much substance and not to mention how good it smells. The fragrances are natural. To get the natural fresh scent we use the fragrance extracted of mango and coconut, with a touch of raspberry and vanilla that provides smooth, delicate and enticing aromas. We can't wait to hear your feed back and we hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoy making it. Great products that are never leaving! Keep it useful and keep it VEGAN!

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