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You have been asking and we are ecstatic and proud to announce that our 7Free Exotic Animal Nail Care line is now available in your favorite retail locations. It was released earlier this year but could've only been purchased on our website........UNTIL NOW! You can find your favorite Surya Brasil Nail Polish at local retailers such as Lassen's Natural Foods, Mother's Market, & Clark's Nutrition & Natural Food Market, as well as other stores.
We have a total of 16 different shades as well as a base and top coat! You may want to consider picking up our Red & Green Macaw  or Chameleon Nail Polish to help bring in the Christmas cheer. Or maybe you would like to use our Peacock  or Jabiru Nail Polish to ready yourself for Hanukkah. No matter what you celebrate this holiday season we have the perfect colors to brighten your nails and fill you with joy. Be sure to get yours!  
Also don't forget we have our huge sale on Handmade clothes and bags for the Thanksgiving weekend starting on Black Friday! We also have gift sets available for your convenience and purchase. Be sure to get a head start for your holiday shopping. 

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