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Bring on 2017!

Its been an amazing year here at Surya Brasil. We've been featured on TV shows (The FabLife), collaborated with huge brands like Soul Cycle & Whole Planet, and launched our highly anticipated nail polishes and tinted lip balms. We've done events for the public as well as maintained and cultivated our relationship among the staff, with events such as spa day, yoga & cooking classes, and even our first annual International Day. We are grateful for a wonderful year and look forward to even better...

Bitten by the Wanderlust Bug again!

The weather was getting cooler in NY so we flew to the south to enjoy some sunshine and to meet our Florida friends at Wanderlust 108 Miami.

We were delighted to see thousands of beautiful health-aware people running, exercising, meditating (and hula hooping!) and then wandering about the Kula Market where we were distributing our green tote bags with a Single Application hair mask, giving out free manis with our 7-free Exotic Animals nail polish and showcasing all our natural, organic and vegan products. 

Surya Team!

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Our own personal Inspiration!

You are not what has happened to you...You are what you choose to become.
These are words that our Yoga Instructor Jessica Saraswati has grown to live by. Jessica is an awesome yoga instructor, a writer, and a spiritual mentor and healer. She comes to us here at our Surya Brasil office for yoga class once a month via Moonflower Yoga where Jessica is a yoga instructor. She is passionate about the power of spiritual practice and the peace that comes from living a compassionate lifestyle, though it...