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Kosher, Vegan & Natural Lip Balms

We are thrilled to announce that our Lip Balms are not only Vegan but now they are KOSHER! Rabbi A. Adler of Kashrus & Medicine Information Services  certified our lip balms as Kosher and that they abide to Kosher law. It was very important to our CEO, Wanda Malhotra, to create a lip balm that was not only vegan but also Kosher so it can be used by all without worrying about it not adhering to their strict diet. 

Our Kosher Vegan Lip Balms come in five different flavors, Acai Berry,...

LA Fashionista Compassionista

Our CEO and Co-Founder Wanda Malhotra is featured on the cover of LA Fashionista Compassionista, a new online magazine devoted to cruelty-free fashion and beauty. You can read the premiere spring  (yes it's coming soon!) issue here.  

LA Fashionista Compassionista was created by Vegan Lifestyle Coach Adrienne Borgersen and  Fashion Designer Lois Eastlund.  The interview with Wanda dives deep into the story behind Surya Brasil's quest to create a natural, organic and vegan lifestyle brand....

Surya Brasil, Sustainable Beauties from Brazil

Welcome to our world, the world of Surya Brasil creators of sustainable beauty from Brazil. Our brand is inspired by three generations of natural beauties photographed here. Wanda (senior) in the center; Clelia Angelon, to the right and Wanda Malhotra (junior) to the left. All three color their hair with Surya Brasil Henna Creams and Powders. Why Surya Brasil Henna? For the vibrant, natural color and complete grey coverage as well as the hair strengthening and softening properties...

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