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Starting your Year on a Healthy Foot.

We are excited to announce that Surya Brasil is now featured on the Beat the Microbead app and website. We have joined their campaign to put an end to those plastic microbeads that are harmful to your body and the environment.
We encourage you to use a healthier option instead such as our Natural and Healthy Facial and Body Scrubs. The below items can be found on Beat the Microbead app and website. 
Our Shower Gel exfoliates and moisturizes with ingredients such...

Skin Soothing Tips for Your Healthiest Summer Ever!

It's very easy for skin moisture levels to drop, especially in the summer season. Climatic conditions –  heat, dryness, pollution, air conditioning – and lifestyle and eating habits such as alcohol and poor nutrition can all have detrimental
effects on our skin's natural defenses. 
  1. Drink more fluids. Fluid loss increases with temperature, humidity and physical activity, and your fluid intake requirements increase when you are active,especially if you are outdoors. 
  2. Drink throughout the day,...