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Here at Surya Brasil our focus is to provide our customers with the best products we can. We also like to make sure that our employees are healthy and happy coming to work everyday because that ensures great work ethic. Some of the ways we work to make our company an enjoyable one is by hosting a yoga class for our employees. This helps to keep them healthy and their minds centered and focused. We also have our organic garden that we plant every year. The employees get together and plant herbs such as basil, parsley, and mint as well as some vegetables. Our garden is open and available to the community to come and partake of. We also have Spa Days set aside during the summer where you can come and enjoy a quick massage on a beautiful day!
Next Spa Days at Casa Surya will be:
Thursday, June 30th
Thursday, July 14th
Thursday, August 11th
Thursday, September 15th
Always from 3 to 5pm, and you can enjoy a massage or a blowout, plus get a green tote with just a $10 purchase of any product.
Along with yoga and helping to care for our organic garden we have recently implemented a Vegan cooking class once a month. We have Vegan Chef Elyse Clark come in and teach us the benefits of raw vegan dishes as well as how simplistic they are to re-create. In our last class we learned how to make a delicious vanilla-bean cheesecake and an avocado-based chocolate mousse. We would love to have you stop by for one of these classes. The next class will be June 22nd at 11am in our New York office. We hope to see you there! 

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