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You are not what has happened to you...You are what you choose to become.
These are words that our Yoga Instructor Jessica Saraswati has grown to live by. Jessica is an awesome yoga instructor, a writer, and a spiritual mentor and healer. She comes to us here at our Surya Brasil office for yoga class once a month via Moonflower Yoga where Jessica is a yoga instructor. She is passionate about the power of spiritual practice and the peace that comes from living a compassionate lifestyle, though it wasn't always this way for her. Once upon a time, she had a nagging sense of emptiness and a  desperate desire for more out of life. In her efforts to find peace she became more lost and ensnared in the reckless life she was living. 
As destiny and good karma would have it, Jessica ended up under the loving care and guidance of Chandresh Bhardway, her spiritual teacher, and his Father, His Holiness Shree Chamunda Swamiji, who taught her the sacred practices of meditation and mantra. Through this powerful spiritual training, Jessica's life changed in unbelievable ways and before long she began teaching others, and by Swamiji's grace and blessings she became Saraswati.
Jessica has dedicated herself to serve as a guide to authentic peace and power. Using yoga and meditation she aims to ignite the Light of higher consciousness within others and initiate a wave of radical, positive change in this world and beyond. Jessica has helped us be more aware of our breathing, improved our flexibility through our yoga poses, and had encouraged us to be the best version of ourselves we can be. She closes off each class with meditation and quotes of wisdom that helps us to grow emotionally and spiritually. Her story has inspired us and taught us that we don't have to stay where we are. We can choose to be different and better. If you are interested in reading Jessica's blog or even attending one of her classes, You can do so here. Jessica is set to be wed in just a few weeks and Surya Brasil would like to wish her the very best in yet another chapter in her journey of life. Jessica you are sweet, kind, caring and an example to us all. Namaste!

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