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In a world where healthy choices are becoming the norm, you may be wondering how can I implement the same values into my beauty regimen? A natural makeover may be just the change  you need. From facial scrubs to nail polish we have anything you can imagine to have you so flawless you won't even need makeup. See our natural makeover tips below!
You can start with a natural facial scrub. Most facial scrubs contain plastic micro beads that can cause tiny tears to the skin, making it  more prone to acne and breakouts. Instead we suggest a natural scrub, with gentler exfoliant agents such as coconut bark or apricot seeds. Our facial scrubs use coconut and cloves to gently exfoliate while still providing moisture to the skin. This can be the solution to the pharmacy bought brand you currently use.
natural face wash
With your face freshly scrubbed and feeling smooth, the next step in your natural makeover is lip balm.  Surya's lip balms are vegan & extremely moisturizing. You no longer need to worry about dry, cracked lips in those harsh winter months because these lip balms will leave you silky smooth. For those of you who would like to add a little color to your pucker, we also have tinted lip balms sure to add just a pop of color. 
You can also add some color to your natural beauty regimen by trying one of our Exotic Animals Nail Polishes. They are 7-Free and the color payout is amazing. We have colors ranging from the lightest of nudes to the darkest of blues. We also have our acetone free nail polish remover which helps remove color while still nourishing the nail. 
We know it isn't always easy finding natural products for your life style. Our society pushes quick fix products that tend to do more damage long term. These are just a few products to help you get started on you journey to a more natural lifestyle. For these and more natural makeover beauty products please view our website


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