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May showers bring in all the beautiful Spring flowers. Of course, here at Surya we are riding this wave of nature. Our small but wonderful team, spent the day handpicking and planting our 5th Annual Garden. It has become a great tradition here at the office. Not only are we able to enjoy the more natural and organic parts of life but, it helps us bond as a team. Members from all different departments picked the flowers, herb and plants that we planted today.

For example, we planted everything from cucumbers to strawberries, to fresh thyme and oregano. It's really a beauty thing to see and all it took was a little dirty work. The flowers are all organic and are USDA certified. So we've planted the garden with the same standards as all of our products. (NATURAL, VEGAN and ORGANIC) It takes a team to keep us running smoothly and successful and the garden is no different. Teamwork will always make the dream work!

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