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As a company that provides a rare product and the best on the market we get flooded with so many different concerns. Of course we're here to provide nothing but accuracy and solutions. The chemist at Surya Brasil are constantly working extremely hard to improve our products to guarantee that all of our clients are well taken care of. We are sure to consider every type of client with all different types of hair. Also, we take into consideration clients with different kinds of hair history. 

Does it cover greys? Does it cover curly greys? How long should I leave it in for in order for it to work? Our henna creams and powders are created to take care of all types of hair. We do have a few tricks and small solutions for these kinds of concerns. We suggest that you leave the henna in for at least 90 mins to ensure that it saturates the hair. For textured hair we recommend the exact same thing but, we highly recommend the use of hair care products after. We believe it's best to use leave in conditioners or even conditioning mask. In fact, we are actually working on a new product line to care and condition curly hair, especially after being processed. The Cacheou Curlz line is going to be everything curly hair is in need of. We've even found special oils, reconstructive agents and other goodies that ensure that the frizz goes bye-bye! This line will be a treat and it's coming to you sooner than you think!

My hair is chemically relaxed! My hair has permanent color right now! I have henna in my hair already! Is my hair going to fry? We bring good news! You can breathe! What makes our henna the best on the market is that we have found a way to maintain color integrity without the harsh chemicals. Our products are not only vegan but they do not contain any metallic salts or heavy metals. Sounds like hair jargon right? Let me break things down a little for you. Heavy metals are found in most hair dyes and they have been linked to hair loss and hair breakage.The metallic salts are in most if not all hair dyes and they cannot be done with other chemicals such as relaxers and so forth. Our henna creams are safe for chemically processed hair or hair that has been lightened prior to using it. And yes, you can do chemical processes after using our products.

Let's wrap it up! We are here to help you and to continue to give you the luxury of getting your hair colored without hair loss or hair damage. We have a wide variety of different clientele. Some of our most loyal clients have very fine hair. Some clients have very sensitive allergies and/or sicknesses. While other clients  have very coarse hair textures but, we do not discriminate. As stated earlier, our chemists are working very hard to make sure that our consumers are well taken care of and even happier with results.

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