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Is your hair dry, brittle, frizzy, and downright hard to manage? Do you need help in making it better? Well Surya Brasil has the answers you need. Our hair masks can help with these common issues. Hair masks are a great way to repair your hair through Hydration, Nutrition, & Reconstruction.


HYDRATION is the primary step in the treatment of hair: damaged hair must be prepared to receive the necessary nutrients. This method is related to the replenishment of water that the hair loses through aggression caused by chemicals, colors and even shampoos and conditioners. The hair loses its natural water resistance and becomes dry and fragile.

NUTRITION is connected to hydration – it is the replenishing of nutrients, that is, it is used to replenish components naturally present in the hair with the function of waterproofing it, in addition to leaving it soft, flexible and shiny.

RECONSTRUCTION is the replacement of proteins. The hair structure can be damaged by chemical processes and daily actions such as use of hairpins and dryers, resulting in damage to hair. To minimize these problems, reconstruction is generally recommended after hydration and nutrition.


We have 8 different hair masks & they all have these benefits. Let us tell you about a few below. 
Cupuacu Hair Mask - Adds softness to hair which helps recover moisture to dry mistreated  hair 
Murumuru Hair Mask - Promotes hydration & moisture to hair. Adds Nutrition to help strengthen the hair. 
Color Fixation Restorative Mask - Moisturizes, gives shine, softness & vitality. Protects & maintains color longer 
Color Fixation Single Application - Closes cuticles of hair strands, bringing back the natural feel of the hair. Helps protect & maintain color longer. 
Coconut Oil & Rosemary Hair Mask - Reinforces the the structure of the hair maiking it more resistant & easier to comb. Leaves hair soft, silky, frizz-free, & shiny. 
You can see how to use these hair masks below: 

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