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Here at Surya Brasil we believe that the best way to improve on anything is through knowledge and education. That is why we take such pride and pay close attention to training our managers and employees very diligently, especially at your favorite retail locations. We recently completed one such training session in the Northern California area. We had 24 managers and employees come out from different retail locations in the area to train them on our mission, vision, values, and of course products. Video demonstrations were also provided to better help them get a visual on the proper procedure for using our products. We were even able to open a new account with New Leaf. Before attending this workshop they did not carry our products. However after hearing all about what we believe and what we stand for as a company, they decided they wanted to carry them. And this means more places for you to find us. We even got this feedback from one beautiful attendee: 
"I just wanted to say how super touched I was by the mission and HEART of this organization!!! I *loved* the training, and appreciate you all very much!!!" Obrigado!! Love & Blessings, ~Noga
We strive to provide you with the best products but we also want that to flow over into your shopping experience, so this training is essential. We will continue to work with our brokers and retail locations to provide you with excellence. 

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