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As usually we're always listening to your questions and concerns as close as we can. We've heard through the grape vine that you wanted to know what can be used on your hair based on different things such as race and ethnicity. Or maybe it wasn't you. Maybe you were just asking for a friend. But, we're here to give you all the information you need. EDUCATION! EDUCATION! EDUCATION! Information is how we make the world a better place. 

Welcome to learning about your Curls 101! Class is now in session. Your curl pattern and hair texture is not solely based on your race or your background!  Repeat after me! ( Even though I am _____. This does not mean that my hair is ____) ! This is one of the biggest misconceptions in our world today. As a cosmetologist, I am familiar with all different types of hair. Of course,  we do not deny the commonalities in regards to hair and background. There are groups where the majority of the groups have a specific type of hair. However, this is not the proper way to go about picking what is necessary or right for your hair. 

These are the things you should consider when picking hair products. What kind of curl pattern do I have? (Ex. 3a,4a,3b, 3c etc) Is my hair frizzy?  Is my hair dry? Do I need more moisturizer? Is my hair thin or thick? Is my hair breaking? Is my hair chemically damaged or simply lacking nutrients? Start there. Then based on your answers to those questions, you build up a list of your needs. Now that you have specific concerns you can match those needs to the products that target those needs! For example, this is what that will look or sound like. Ann has 3a hair. Her curls are usually dry but they tend to be drier in the summer time. She has used some chemicals but haven't touch any in long time. She enjoys wearing her natural hair however, her hair tends to get extremely frizzy throughout the day. Ann needs something that hydrates, protects, reconstructs, adds shine and removes frizz! 

Cacheou Curlz is the perfect product line for any of our curl beauties! Of course, first thing is first, our products are all vegan! We've been working really hard on making sure that we combine the perfect ingredients to insure the best result. We have used special pequi oil (nut oil), which is known as the "gold of the Savannah", has high hydration power. It is free of sulfates which is usually what causes the hair to dry out. It's also packed with mineral oils. So guess what? More hydration! For guarantee reconstruction and strengthening agents we use coconut and babassu oils. When it comes to the shine concerns we have active Keramere and Nori complex. So we have literally covered all of your bases and concerns when it comes to curl hair and its very unique needs. The collection includes the Natural 8 Free-Shampoo, the Co-wash Conditioner, the curl defining cream and the curl modeling gel


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