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Update! Update! Read all about it! Surya Brasil's Henna Creams have gotten a face lift. Yes it is true! We are very happy to announce that we have updated the packaging for the Henna Creams. We have now made it easier to read and easier to spot on your favorite retailers shelves. We have also improved the formula so the ingredients are even more natural and will help to extend your color even longer. 
We are also including a sample Clean Up Hair Shampoo and Color Fixation Conditioner in the new boxes of Henna Cream. The Clean Up Hair Shampoo gently detoxifies the hair at the ideal pH to prepare the hair for your Surya Brasil Color application. The Color Fixation Conditioner helps to restore brilliance and vitality to damaged and colored hair. This conditioner paired with the Henna Cream will restore anyone's chemically damaged hair in no time! We have also updated our color chart. Gives you an idea of what the color result would be based on the Henna color you chose and your hair color. Check it out here
If you've never tried our Henna Cream now is the perfect time. You can purchase our Henna Cream Starter Kit on our website today!
Give it a try. You won't be sorry! 

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