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We are thrilled to announce that our Lip Balms are not only Vegan but now they are KOSHER! Rabbi A. Adler of Kashrus & Medicine Information Services  certified our lip balms as Kosher and that they abide to Kosher law. It was very important to our CEO, Wanda Malhotra, to create a lip balm that was not only vegan but also Kosher so it can be used by all without worrying about it not adhering to their strict diet. 

Our Kosher Vegan Lip Balms come in five different flavors, Acai Berry, Cinnamon Cupuacu, Chocolate & Mint, Chocolate, & Strawberry Buriti. Our lip balms are rich in nutrients, beeswax free, & they keep your lips soft, smooth, and perfectly hydrated. Our lip balms retail for $3.49 and can be purchased directly on our website. We currently have a sale for Valentine's Day. You can get ALL five of our lip balms for only $10. Get yours here today! 


Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 2 Apr 02:50

Thank you for giving this important information. For more advice regarding vegan beauty product plz visit

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