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Surya Brasil is reaching out to our favorite brands everywhere including Vegan Divas NYC with #VeganLove. Stay tuned for special offers, promotions and gifts from us for making the best cruelty-free purchases possible.

About our #VeganLove Campaign 

While embracing a vegan diet of nutritionally-dense plant-based foods has proven to be a healthy lifestyle choice, to be vegan at heart takes on a much bigger commitment. Veganism is a social movement and a commitment to living a peaceful existence with all living creatures. 

To be vegan is to understand the consequences of animal farming and global warming, to fight to abolish the animal industry’s factory farming.

To be vegan is to lead a lifestyle that is characterized by the abstinence of all animal products for ethical reasons. This includes animal meat, dairy, eggs as well as leather, wool, silk, honey, bone, ivory and all other products of animal origin.

Our #VeganLove campaign brings together like-minded brands that are committed to the principles of veganism and seeks to end the use of animals by man for food, commodities, work, hunting, vivisection and all other uses involving exploitation of animal life by man.

This includes the use of animals for food, clothing, cosmetics, experimentation and entertainment. It also extends to any situation where animals are being used for labor.

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