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Clelia Angelon, Surya Brasil's Buriti Farm 


We have been sustainably harvesting and organically harnessing the natural beauty power of buriti oil in our hair and skin care products for over ten years. Buriti has been used by the indigenous people of Amazonia for centuries and this Brazilian palm tree is grown in the wild on our beautiful land in Tocantins, Brazil.

You can reap the benefits of buriti oil by using our Color Fixation collection of restorative hair care products which extend hair color with the oil's natural UVA/UVB photo-protective properties.

Organic Buriti. Harvested in the wild.

The fruits of buriti palm are gathered in Brazil between April and September. Women, whose job options in Amazonia are very limited, typically work with the fruit, stripping it from branches, soaking the fruit, and removing the scales by scraping. Buriti harvest means supplementary income for native communities.

The Bounty of Buriti.

For the indigenous people of Amazonia, the plant is extremely important. The fruits are used in popular foods, and you can find them in every market throughout the entire Amazon basin. Because the fruit is naturally rich in oils, the drinks made from it taste creamy. Usually eaten raw, the buriti palm fruit is also made into jams, juices, liqueurs and desserts. 

When ground and pressed, buriti fruit produces a golden-orange oil. The oil is rich in palmitic, linoleic and arachidic acids, and it is also an excellent source of tocopherols, which provide superior antioxidant activity. Additionally, the oil is a rich source of carotenoids, which are natural pre-cursors to vitamin A.

Our Amazonia Preciosa collection uses the power of buriti to condition and strengthen the hair while our Sapien Women Body Scrub uses micronized buriti shells to exfoliate the skin. 

Here, our co-founder Clelia Angelon under one of our massive buriti trees in Tocantins, Brazil. 

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