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Immersing yourself in a vegan lifestyle may be intimidating; here are several easy steps to introduce a little vegan into your life...

1. Vegan vs. Vegetarian – Understanding the Difference.

The Vegan

Philosophy: Compassionate lifestyle whose values seek to exclude the use of animals for food, clothing or any other motive.

Diet: Vegans exclude meat, eggs, milk, honey or any food that comes from animals from their everyday diet.           

The Vegetarian

Philosophy: Vegetarians philosophy can derive from various beliefs such as animal rights, health reasons, cultural, religious beliefs etc.

Diet: Vegetarians don't eat meat or fish (ex: fish, shellfish, other sea animals, poultry), while some do consume dairy.


Photo by Chow Vegan, Photo by Well Vegan

2. A taste of Trader Joe’s vegan meals. Before committing entirely – get your feet wet with a small purchase of Trader Joe’s best vegan frozen dishes. Cadry, vegan blogger of Cadry’s Kitchen shares in her latest post her top favorite vegan dishes from Trader Joe’s. Favorites include the thai vegetable gyoza, vegetable pakoras and chicken-less crispy tenders


Photo by Gentle Barn

3. Volunteer at your local animal shelter - what’s more fun than cuddling up with a 1,000 pounds of pure love? Based in Santa Clarita, the Gentle Barn is a heart-warming ranch with animals such as pigs, llamas, roosters, cows and horses. You will leave feeling like you just found yourself a new friend circle. Find and visit your local barn.


Photos by Mercy For Animals

4. Sure way to go vegan is watching animal abuse first hand. Warning, you will never see the world the same way again - Mercy For Animals is an organization committed to unveiling undercover investigations of animal abuse. The footage is graphic and leaves you feeling incredibly guilty for all the meat you consumed.


Photo by Siriphot Manoch

5. A vegan lunch date – go out with friends to a local vegan restaurant for a change. Order their most popular dish. Peace Foods, a vegan kitchen and bakery offers a variety of tasty dense organic meals, cleansing juices, smoothies and yummy baked goods. Vegan restaurants are spreading; find one in your neighborhood.



Photo by Ithinkaboutbeer

6. Join a vegan Meet Up. Get a real vibe of the vegan and vegetarian culture with one of Meet Up’s most popular groups, The New York City Vegetarian & Vegan Meetup. Fun events are constantly on the calendar from visiting the Catskill Animal Sanctuary to a night out for drinks and vegan dishes at the Dream Downtown Hotel. 



Found on Meet The Shannons

7. Create a shopping list of your favorite vegan groceries. Brainstorm your most-loved snacks, vegetables, salads and vegan goods. Get inspired by researching vegan Pinterest Boards. With so many creative recipe options for vegans, cutting out the meat doesn’t have to be boring. Find your favorites and create a list.

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