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1. Stressed over the holiday madness? Yoga has never been so effortless and accessible - with $5 walk-in hour long classes, Yoga to The People offers affordable power vinyasa flow yoga classes in a harmonizing ethos. With a relaxing, sweat it out yoga experience it’s a wonder how the classes are so cheap. Located throughout Manhattan and other U.S. cities, balancing your inner chi has never been simpler this winter.

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2. Too busy holiday shopping and shipping out your aunts present? Fitbit Zip Wireless Tracker monitors your motions, steps, distance and calories burned. At $59.95, this subtle tracker has months long battery life and gives the ability to watch your every move - allowing you to shop till you drop.  


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3. Switch it up this year scratching some of your heavy meals by introducing light and delicious vegan dishes. Sometimes, it’s best to gather inspiration from Pinterest vegan food gurus who provide a variety of vegan dishes capable of mastery in the privacy of your own home. Follow fun boards like Vegansaurus and Kathy Patalsky to get influence for wildly delicious recipes like the vegan shepherd’s pie or the acorn, squash with walnuts and cranberry appetizer.

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4. Still wondering how to make this holiday season healthier? Grab yourself trendy high-qualtiy leggings and a colorful printed sports bra at Carbon38. This e-commerce platform is dedicated to selling the most functional and stylish activewear that will motivate you to start moving and shaking. 

Avoid the dreadful winter weight gain and jumpstart your workout all while having the time of your life, 305Fitness does just that. Specialized methods focus on high intensity sprints, cardio endurance and fibrous toning while experiencing a live DJ and party atmosphere. These intense body shape lifting courses have you loosing up to 800 calories in 55 minutes. Popular classes fill up quickly, so sign up while you can. See what NY Racked had to say.


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5. DIY holiday vegan recipes and organic energy bites. This winter experiment in the kitchen with easy, do it yourself vegan recipes. Allyson Kramer, vegan food expert does it right with her vegan toffee bars enriched with dark brown sugar, pecans and a rich toffee flavor. Perfect for friends and family, Allyson’s descriptive baking tutorials are easier done than said.

Time isn't on your side with all that shopping, cooking and gift wrapping? SimpleSense raw, vegan on the go energy bites come in 3 flavors - vanilla cashew, chocolate almond and peanut butter. These delicious bite size treats will cure your mid day hunger cravings and awaken you from your afternoon daze.



6. Take a spa moment. Avoid dry fly away hair this winter with Surya Brasil’s Amazonia Preciosa Coconut Hair Mask with Rosemary. This fresh coconut oil and essential rosemary hair mask deeply nourishes the roots of your hair and scalp with proteins, vitamins and minerals while locking in moisture.

While applying the coconut hair mask get some Headspace this chilly winter. 10 minutes needed daily, this meditation made simple is basically your gym membership for the mind. Download their free app here.   


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7. Ward off snotty colds and flu's this holiday season. Vitamin C has been shown to be the biggest agent against fighting colds with its strong anti-viral effect. “In high doses, vitamin C neutralizes free radicals, helps kill viruses, and strengthens the body’s immune system. Taking supplemental vitamin C routinely helps prevent viral infections, stated Andrew W. Saul, Ph.D. of orthomolecular.org.” 

Smart sources of Vitamin C include guava, red sweet pepper (raw), kiwi fruit, orange, green pepper (raw), mango, strawberries, brussels sprouts, cooked broccoli, kale and other vegetables listed here.



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